We give orchid classes frequently at Clown Alley Orchids. The schedule is affected by orchid shows, sales, and family conflicts.

We adapt the content of the classes to MEET THE NEEDS OF THE STUDENTS. Bring your questions, please. 

 A basic level class is intended to introduce the students to beginning orchid culture.

The intermediate level gets into more detail or is about a group of orchid plants.

Each class is scheduled for 60 TO 90 MINUTES.


Classes at the greenhouse include a plant in the price

Students receive a 20% DISCOUNT on all purchases on the day of the class.

You are encouraged to bring in orchid plants you want help with or want to display.

We also travel to GIVE TALKS. Click speaker for detail.

Feb 25, 2017 2:00 PM  

June 10,      2:00 PM