We attend many shows and events each year exhibiting and selling orchids suitable for the south. John also gives lectures or presentations throughout the world to various orchid, botanical and garden groups. These talks are either about growing orchids more effectively or about groups of plants. Currently thirteen talks are ready to present using computer projection. If any additional subjects are wanted please contact John. YOU CAN ORDER PLANTS  OR SUPPLIES FOR US TO BRING TO AN EVENT NEAR YOU. WE GIVE A DISCOUNT OF 10% FOR THOSE PRE-ORDERS.
All are presented with digital projector in PowerPoint except number 8. Any talk can be shortened or lengthened if needed, all include question and answer periods:


 1. Orchid Growing: "The Orchid Doctor is in" is a short lecture on growing orchids followed by a discussion of plants brought in by the audience. We diagnose each plant and prescribe corrections (if any).


2. Travel with orchids: "South America and the 22nd World Orchid Conference in Ecuador" Photo highlights of Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Includes Machu Pichu, worlds largest waterfall and the WOC.

3. Orchid Growing: "Secrets of Success with Orchids" is a beginners lecture emphasizing the basics of orchid growing. About 40 minutes.

4. Orchid Growing: "Growing Orchids to their Potential" is more an intermediate level lecture with more detail than the previous. About 60 minutes.

5. Cattleyas: "Cattleya Orchid Care" includes where the species come from, species photos and general growing recommendations for Cattleya, Laelia, Encyclia, Epidendrum and related genera and hybrids. About 50 minutes.

6. Oncidiums: “Oncidium Intergeneric Orchid Care” includes a review of common species and the wide range of Intergeneric hybrids. Growing instructions included in a talk that lasts about 50 minutes.

7. "Unusual Relatives of Cymbidiums" includes Galeandra, Catasetum, Clowesia, Cycnoches, Mormodes species and hybrids. Photos and emphasis on culture. Somewhat more humor than the others. About 60 minutes.

8. Orchids: "An introduction to Orchids" is a basic introduction intended for garden clubs. A hands on discussion, no computer, no slides. Includes a handout and is based on live plants brought to the talk. About 30 minutes, longer if desired.

9. Laelias: "Laelia Orchid Care" includes where the species come from, changes in names, species photos and general growing recommendations for Cattleya, Laelia, Encyclia, Epidendrum and related genera and hybrids. About 50 minutes.

10. "Nine Premier Orchid Shows" includes photographs and discussions about the 2006 Taiwan International Orchid Show, the 2007 Japan Grand Prix, the 2007 Taiwan International Orchid Show and the 9th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference in Goyang Korea - 2007, The 19th World Orchid Conference Miami 2008 the Peterborough England International Orchid Show 2008 and 2009 and The 20th World Orchid Conference in Singapore in 2011.and 22nd World Orchid Conference in Equador About 50 minutes.

11. "Judging without Computers". This was presented to the AOS Houston Judging Center in December 2009 and Shreveport Judging Center in May 2010. Explains the purpose of AOS judging and how it can be done effectively with or without computers.

12. "Orchids in Heaven" The top ten list of how they are sent to heaven followed by the 12 steps to redemption. Actually a new look at culture of orchids with lots of tips and humor.

13. 'Around the World for Orchids' A travel and orchid talk. Pictures from our trip to the 20th World Orchid Conference in Singapore. Includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India. Highlight was looking for orchids in situ with Michael and Benjamin Ooi.

Generally we bring sale plants consisting of unusual species and hybrids. Costs to the society are travel expenses only if there are sales. We encourage groups to preorder species and hybrids from the website catalog. Preorders save you money. We discount 10% for preorders to lectures or shows. We can bring our own computer and projector if the club doesn't have them.

Without sales we charge the group travel expenses plus $150, although this is negotiable for smaller or local groups.