John Stubbings is a retired chemical/environmental engineer formerly working in specialty chemical plants. His last job in that field was to work near Bombay, India for a local Indian firm. That assignment lasted 16 months.

Clown Alley Orchids is the family business started in 1986 near Chicago. In September 2005 John re-opened the orchid business with a full time retail shop in Pasadena, Texas, where the greenhouse space is much larger. John is the chief grower and hybridizer. 

John has been growing orchids starting indoors under lights and in windowsills in 1979. He built his first lean-to greenhouse in 1986 and then a larger freestanding greenhouse in 1996. John concentrates his orchid hybridizing work in Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis and Galeandra. John has registered over 15 Galeandra hybrids, 30 Phalaenopsis hybrids and two Cattleya hybrids.

He was PRESIDENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL PHALAENOPSIS ALLIANCE with members from about twenty countries and nearly every state. Previously he had been Regional Director and First Vice-President with the IPA.

John has been a fully accredited AMERICAN ORCHID SOCIETY (AOS) JUDGE (since 1991). He has attended and judged shows all over the US plus international shows in Canada, Scotland, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. He previously served as Vice-Chair, then for five years as CHAIRMAN of the AOS CHICAGO JUDGING CENTER. John was PRESIDENT OF THE ILLINOIS ORCHID SOCIETY  for three years. He was a director or officer of the Illinois Orchid Society for over 20 consecutive years. He was PRESIDENT OF THE HOUSTON ORCHID SOCIETY for 2010 after serving two years as Vice-President. John has won many AOS awards for flower quality as well as cultural excellence.

John GIVES LECTURES OR PRESENTATIONS throughout the world to various orchid and botanical or garden groups. This includes COURSES given for the CHICAGO BOTANIC GARDENS and lectures at SWROGA meetings. These talks are usually about growing orchids more effectively or about Phalaenopsis or other orchid genera. In 2005 he gave lectures on the North Carolina tour of four orchid societies, the Galveston Orchid Society, and at the SWROGA meeting in N. Littlerock, AR. In 2006 he lectured at the 2006 TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL ORCHID SYMPOSIUM in Taiwan, R. O. C. and spent over a week in Taiwan visiting nurseries, He also lectured in Edmonton and Calgary, Canada, and Peterborough, England.

In the US, since 2006, he has lectured in Albuquerque, Austin, Baton Rouge, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Galveston, Houston, Kansas City, Long Island (New York), Memphis, Nacogdoches, New Braunfels, New Orleans, Omaha, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, Seattle, Shreveport, St Louis, Tulsa, Tyler, Weslaco; the I.P.A. Regional meetings in Iowa, Tennessee and Louisiana; SWROGA meeting in Rogers, AR; the Houston AOS Judging Center, Great Lakes AOS Judging Center, the Shreveport AOS Judging Center; Acadian Orchid Society Short Course; and the IPA Symposiums in Arlington, TX. 


When not traveling and lecturing, John can be found at ClownAlley Orchids in Pasadena, Texas, feeding his orchid passion. He says "Orchids are good for the soul."