Sandy and John exhibit and sell. John Judges. Salvador keeps Clown Alley Orchids greenhouses and store open for business hours. YOU CAN ORDER PLANTS AND SUPPLIES FOR US TO BRING TO AN EVENT NEAR YOU. WE GIVE A DISCOUNT OF 10% FOR THOSE PRE-ORDERS.



Fri-Sun    Jan 26-29        Gulf Coast Orchid Society Show and Sale              Biloxi, MS

Fri-Sun    Feb 10-12        Heart of Texas Orchid Society Show                      Austin, TX

Fri-Sat      Mar 10-11       Greater North Texas Orchid Society Show     Richardson, TX

Fri-Sun    Mar 31-April 2  Houston Orchid Society Show and Sale             Houston, TX

Fri-Sun    April 21-23       Calcasieu Orchid Society Show                  Lake Charles, LA

Fri-Sun       May 5-7         Memphis Orchid Society Show and Sale          Memphis, TN

Wed-Sun   May 17-21      American Orchid Society Members Meeting     Redlands, FL

                                        (We are not selling at the Members Meeting)

Thurs-Sun   June 1-4      New Orleans Orchid Society Show and Sale      Metairie, LA

Fri-Sat         Aug 4-5       Houston Orchid society 38th Summer Workshop Houston, TX

Fri-Sun        Oct 13-15   Alamo Orchid Society Show                           San Antonio, TX

Tues-Sun   Nov 7-18     World Orchid Conference 22                      Guayaquil, Ecuador